What do I need to know about living and studying in Warsaw?


Warsaw is Poland’s largest educational centre. Aside from their studies, students can take advantage of numerous facilities and events taking place in the city of Warsaw and beyond. Sightseeing tours around the country provide students with the opportunity to learn about Poland’s history, culture, and cuisine, and allow them to gain unique experiences.

Warsaw is a historical city whose streets and districts reflect memorable events of both Polish and European history. Buildings such as the Royal Residences, the Palace of Culture and Science or the National Museum provide visitors a look across different historical periods. Walking around the Old Town and New Town, not only presents a chance to rest in the warm atmosphere of squares and cafes, but the opportunity to spot places paying homage to Poland’s most famous and talented musician, Fryderyk Chopin. Warsaw offers a host of other cultural attractions, such as theatrical performances, art galleries, cinemas and musical events. Visitors will also enjoy visiting the many pubs and restaurants serving Polish cuisine which can be found within the city and throughout the country. Additionally, many annual cyclical events take place year round, such as musical festivals, competitions and concerts, sport events, cultural feasts, parades as well as the annual students’ festivities in May called Juwenalia. The city of Warsaw also offers various sport activities for students at reduced prices.

Options for accommodations available for students generally include dormitories, hostels, or rental of private rooms. Students at the College of Europe in Warsaw live in two residences on the Natolin campus and in adjacent villas. The most convenient means of commuting around Warsaw are by metro, tramway, bus, or train. A valid ISIC card entitles students to ticket discounts. The city’s underground network is within easy reach of the Natolin campus, putting the center of Warsaw a mere thirty minutes away from the campus.


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