I am interested in enrolling in European Neighbourhood Policy studies in Poland. Does the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe in Warsaw offer a ENP Studies programme?


If you are interested in the study of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Poland, the MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe in Natolin is an excellent choice. In fact during the second semester of the European Interdisciplinary Studies programme, students can choose from one of four thematic majors – EU Public Affairs and Policies, The EU in the World, European History and Civilization, or The EU and its Neighbours and the European Neighbourhood Policy.

This major covers ENP and EU related issues, enabling students to gain a broad understanding of the EU’s multi-faceted strategic policies towards countries on its eastern and southern borders. Also, it provides students with an opportunity to absorb the political, socio-political, socio-economic, legal, energy and identity-related developments in the overall region.

This is a truly interdisciplinary major as it draws from EU studies, EU foreign policy analysis, peace and conflict studies, comparative politics, area studies, political economy, and energy studies. An added benefit is the presence on the Natolin campus of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair. This is the only academic department world-wide that focuses exclusively on the study of ENP and the EU’s neighbourhood.


What is the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair?

Aside from its broader implications, the ENP Chair’s mission is to provide students with a solid foundation and understanding of EU and EU member states’ foreign policies and strategies towards its bordering countries. Students receive a broad background as to the multi-faceted security, political and socio-economic related developments and latest policies affecting both the EU and its neighbouring countries.

From its inception, the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair has been organizing high-profile guest lectures, round-tables, and international conferences. An additional feature is the Chair’s Natolin Neighbourhood Days. This yearly series of events focuses on a variety of security and political related issues in the EU’s neighbourhoods. The debates and lectures bring together an international panel of ambassadors, senior experts, and leading academics, from world renowned universities, the EU institutions, from NATO, the Atlantic Council, to name but a few. Members of these prestigious panels include decision makers and opinion-shapers of EU policy towards some of nowadays most pressing international challenges.

Another plus of the College of Europe in Natolin is that each academic year, several ENP scholarships are offered to graduates coming from EU member states, as well as to students from ENP partner countries who are interested in studying the ENP and the EU’s neighbourhoods within the framework of gaining an MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies.


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