I am interested in taking up diplomatic studies in Poland. Does the College of Europe in Natolin (Warsaw) offer such study programmes?


The College of Europe in Natolin does not offer a programme in diplomatic studies as such, but has designed a programme in European Interdisciplinary Studies with specialized majors which very well might be considered by applicants aspiring to careers in diplomacy. The programme and its specialized majors are constantly updated keeping an eye on the current developments in Europe and in its job market, which provides a wide range of opportunities after graduation. The specialized majors include: EU Public Affairs and Policies, the EU in the World, European History and Civilization, and the EU and its Neighbours.

Diplomatic studies

Generally, diplomatic studies consist in a set of courses for students who aim at becoming professional diplomats and/or representatives of political institutions in the future. Seminars and lectures provide students with knowledge from various fields such as international politics, public law, economics and history. They also prepare students to cope with national and regional issues. Students are given numerous chances to develop their skills through practical exercises in areas including negotiation, crisis management, public speaking, diplomatic writing and analytical reasoning. The studies provide students with an ability to understand complex national and international issues in a globalized world, undertake tasks of mediation, risk analysis and communication management. During group discussions and individual research, students improve their interpretation skills of contemporary political dilemmas supported by the teaching of historical and cultural foundations. They learn how to adjust a proper diplomacy method to a particular situation, working individually or in a team. According to their aspirations and capabilities, graduates may choose between diverse careers, like becoming a diplomat, a policy administrator or a civil servant.

An international career in diplomacy involves reliable knowledge and skills. The ability of speaking foreign languages is indispensable in this field. The College of Europe in Natolin offers not only an intensive training in, among others, EU policies, law and economy but also complimentary language courses in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Arabic. Find out more details about the academic programme of the College of Europe in Natolin on the website www.coleuropenatolin.eu in the section Study.