Study trips


The location of the Natolin campus in one of the major states of East and Central Europe makes it an ideal starting point for exploration of the political and socio-economic impact of the EU in this region and in its neighbourhood.



To this end, a week-long study trip in the region is organised for all students in the first semester. Students meet with academic experts, journalists, politicians, representatives of the intellectual, cultural and business circles, as well as EU representatives. The purpose of the first semester study trip is to help students understand the historical, political, economic and social influences that shape the region.

In order to prepare students academically for this experience, conferences, debates and workshops are organised with academics and experts before departure. Students then have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in meetings following the study trip. Many use the study trip to develop their academic interests in the context of their coursework throughout the year and/or the Master’s thesis.

The second semester study trip is different and related to the chosen major, for instance to Belgium and Luxembourg to acquire first-hand experience of European institutions, or to a European Neigbourhood country in order to further enhance knowledge of external policies. During these trips students can apply the knowledge gained in the first and second semesters and carry out research for their Master’s theses. N.B. The destinations of the study trips may vary.



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