I am interested in taking up Public Affairs (or related) studies in Poland. Is this subject included in the College of Europe in Warsaw’s academic offer?


The College of Europe in Natolin (Warsaw) does not offer a specific programme in public affairs studies as such, however, in the second semester of the Master of Arts in European Interdisciplinary Studies students specialise in a particular field by taking courses in one of four thematic majors – one of which is EU Public Affairs and Policies.

Students who major in European Interdisciplinary Studies have the unique advantage of gaining an in-depth understanding of the EU’s political and legal frameworks and learn the complex political structure and specifics of the internal workings of EU governance. Students can specialize in selected issues of critical importance involving social and economic progress in the European Union. These subjects include how the EU’s internal market and competition policy operate, the detailed workings of macroeconomics within the EU, as well as the latest strategic policies and changes regarding migration, energy, environment and social issues.

Students acquire intensive training in disciplines such as EU law, economics, political economy, comparative politics, and policy analysis. This is a comprehensive major providing students with a solid foundation to prepare themselves for future careers related to any of these important fields. The Natolin Campus’ highly qualified cadre of international teachers and lecturers provide hands-on instruction and training to help students learn and combine understanding of the complexities of day-to-day EU policy, as well as to foster their ability and readiness to engage their knowledge following graduation.

Other related thematic majors which can be chosen by students during their European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe in Natolin are: The EU in the World, European History and Civilization, and The EU and its Neighbours.

If your dream is a career in European affairs, turn your dream into reality by applying to the College of Europe in Natolin – the best place to live, learn and experience Europe.


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