Administration and Staff


Rector and Vice-Rector

The Rector Mrs Federica Mogherini and theVice-Rector, Mrs Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka, College of Europe NatolinThe Rector, Mrs Federica Mogherini, directs and coordinates the activities of the College of Europe and chairs the Academic Council.

The Vice-Rector, Mrs Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka, is responsible for the management of the College of Europe Natolin Campus assisted by several departments, ranging from the Academic Administration to the Financial Service.


Academic Administration

The Academic Administration is responsible for all formal and administrative matters related to the implementation of the academic programme, study regulations, financial issues and recruitment process. Students are always welcome to seek advice on all matters of academic administration.


Student Affairs Office

The experience of investing a year of one’s life to study abroad goes far beyond the academic interests. In order to help our students make the best of their stay in Natolin, the Student Affairs Office offers ever year a range of extracurricular activities with the aim at integrating the student community and enriching student experience, such as a wide range of open lectures, conferences, debates and extra-curricular activities ranging from culture, artistic endeavours to sports activities.

Balancing an intensive academic program with an active engagement in these extracurricular activities is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


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