European Interdisciplinary Studies students wearing masks

As the first reports on COVID-19 appeared in Europe in early 2020, we started to make plans and react. Our main goal throughout the whole pandemic has been to keep our community safe while making sure that students can carry out their studies and enjoy all the opportunities the Natolin campus has to offer.

We successfully concluded the 2020/2021 academic year in June 2021.  Throughout that year we wanted to make sure that all students, staff, and visiting professors feel safe and confident on campus. As such, we instituted a series of policies and pledges, outlined below, that help to structure our work. We implemented regular community-wide testing on campus and continued to work closely with the community, regularly meeting with individuals, groups, and our student representatives. There was no disruption in the teaching, research, or admissions processes.


College of Europe Natolin student wearing a mask

While classes switched to the hybrid model, still over 30% of the entire academic programme was delivered in person throughout the previous academic year. We successfully staged the off-campus study trips, as well as all extracurricular activities, academic debates, and other events, including VIP visits. They were conducted either entirely on-site or in the hybrid format with online elements. Language classes, the professional skills building programme and career orientation were also undisrupted and delivered on-site whenever possible.

Having gained a lot of practical experience in ensuring a safe environment on campus for our entire community, we remain committed to upkeeping the highest safety standards and to fulfilling our pledges also in the 2021/2022 academic year.


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