Student Life


Life1_1445002037In addition to the academic programme, students have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of various extracurricular activities both on and off campus. These include cultural and leisure activities, such as sightseeing tours, student choir, and national days, as well as sports events and many more.



Students enjoy privileged access to museums, art galleries, music concerts and numerous theatre performances in the city of Warsaw. The most notable museum is the National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe). To learn more about 20th century Polish history, the Warsaw Rising Museum of 1944 is well worth a visit. All the exhibitions use the most modern multimedia techniques and are bilingual (Polish and English). Cinema facilities are also available. At Polish cinemas, films are shown in their original language with Polish subtitles.




Around the historical center of the city of Warsaw students can enjoy a great social life. Ample cafés, restaurants serving both traditional and international cuisine, wine bars and pubs offer students the opportunity to sample the city’s varied night life. There are many places in Poland worth discovering: Kraków, Gdańsk, Toruń, Malbork and others cities. The most convenient way to travel around Poland is by train or bus, as it is relatively cheap and fast. Depending on the train, students are eligible for special student discounts with a valid ISIC card.



life3_1445002037Students enjoy privileged access to sports facilities in the city of Warsaw. There are outdoor tennis courts within a few minutes’ walk of the Natolin campus. Horse-riding courses are available at the stables located close to the campus. Various fitness club centers with solarium are easily accessible, as well as several swimming pool complexes. Furthermore, many students decide to participate in the yearly Warsaw Marathon. Students can also discover the beauty of Poland in many ways. For example, every year students organize a skiing holiday in Zakopane in the winter and a kayak trip in the Mazury Lake District just before the end of the academic year.



Warsaw is conveniently located for students to access rail and air transport easily. The city’s underground network is within easy reach from the Natolin campus, putting the center of Warsaw a mere thirty minutes away from the campus.



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